A New Thing

do be 5 by jonnybaker.

I can’t keep up – there’s always something new to see, to read, to learn, to buy, to be out of the loop on. So I welcome the slow food movement calling us intentionally relax and enjoy what we normally treat as a race. And I found comfort as I overheard two 20 year-olds in the coffee shop the other day, who were resistant to downloading books. “There’s nothing like the feel of a book, the smell of the paper, the freedom of going back to catch a point or name you forgot”, they agreed. Newness also can hold a place for renewal of what we already cherish.

When we hear, “See, I‘m doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” in Isaiah 43.19, it may not be a trendy thing or an additional “all the rage” thing to catch up on or learn or achieve. It is a reminder that we belong to a refreshing God, posing new vision of an eternal view.

The leaders of St. John’s, the deacons and elders, just approved a new vision statement, to guide us, remind us, challenge and arouse us.

St. John’s exists to celebrate God’s love in community:

nurturing faith through our commitment;

serving others with compassion;

sharing and listening with humble hearts.

It had been 12 years since the last time this was done. Each leader answered the questions; “What do you believe God calls us to be” and “What do we do well that responds to God’s call?”

Now, they would like you to consider it. You’ll find it on the front of our bulletin and website to generate reflection. Let it rest in you, resonate with you, see what it says to you about what you do well and what we desire as a people in this place on behalf of God’s kingdom.  After you have done that, please pass on any comments to a deacon or an elder. Let them know if it is helpful in how you envision your role as part of St. John’s – you are integral to this vision.

It’s nothing trendy or innovative, but a fresh way of reminding us who we are and do, helping us be centered in our faith in God through Jesus Christ. Just as individuals journey and become the latest edition of themselves, so are churches ever being reformed in the image of and significance of Jesus Christ – nothing new-fangled, just refreshed, renewed and ready to move forward.

You are the church,

pastor  John


One thought on “A New Thing

  1. I like the statement you wrote about being the “latest version of yourself.” It makes me feel relieved that I’m supposed to be there already, wherever “there” is. And, I agree with the 20somethings about books. There’s hope!

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