Welcome to Autumn

Zoom! What was that, that just flew by? Oh, that was summer!

Welcome to Autumn at St John’s. Wow, I can’t believe we are back now to enjoy September and October, and all that comes with schedules, schools and demands of work.

So for some of you who need to catch up on what has been going on…

Choir and Sunday School are in full swing. How can you assist?

Theresa has returned from her well-earned 3 month sabbatical following her 10 years of service at St John’s. It’s good to have her back!

Our new database, donated by Salesforce, provides a way of keeping track of your commitments of time and financial giving. It allows the sending out of quarterly financial commitment statements by email in place of the old, costly paper/mail method. The Finance Team is still working out the kinks, so thanks for your patience as they try to get it right! Please note that it does not come from a pastor, as some emails indicated – that’s another glitch they’re working on. If you wish them to track your gifts, it lets you know what you have contributed. The purpose of this statement is for your tax records and is not for St John’s purposes. So if you prefer the team to not keep track, just let them know, (David Miller  millerd2@prodigy.net).

Salesforce is a “cloud-based” service which also gives us a way of listing members, guests and friends in a database, to keep track of addresses, phone numbers and emails. We hope to get this membership list out to you soon. It has been a long time coming!

Our organist Cyril Deaconoff resigned in July and took a full-time position in the East Bay. We will miss him greatly! The Organ Search Team has been formed and the new position description will go out next week. Beginning October 15, resumes will be reviewed, interviews and auditions held, with the goal to hire someone by the end of November, in preparation for Christmas. We already have five applications without putting the word out there. If you know of someone interested, please let them know.

The Co-Pastor process continues. Elder and pastors will be meeting with Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry next week and then it will be brought to the Presbytery in November for their decision. Both Theresa and I are looking forward to serving St. John’s for many, many years to come if the congregation desires us to continue to serve, and as usual this will be decided on an annual basis by the congregation.

Autumn is the time when many new faces appear at St John’s and I thank you all for working so hard to be attentive, welcoming them, making sure they know that we are a place that includes all people, a place where we can be vulnerable, be ourselves and be open to all the gifts that all people bring. You are the St John’s ministers!

Pastor John


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