Change Is In the Air

For the past couple months we have enjoyed the warmth of the sun around the city of San Francisco. Now, there is a Fall chill in the air hinting that Winter will soon be upon us or in our case, the rainy season. As the seasons change, there has also been changes at St. John’s.

The committee on ministry who oversees and supports pastors and congregations in the presbytery of San Francisco approved unanimously the change of call of pastor John and pastor Theresa. The final vote will be at the November 12 presbytery meeting at First Presbyterian Church in San Mateo. Pending approval, the installation service will be held during worship on December 15. This service is a celebration for both the congregation and the pastors as we move together into this new call as co-pastors.

Thank you everyone for the feedback on the sample pews. Session considers the feedback valuable as we continue to discern the right style of pew. We are still in the discerning process and will continue to solicit feedback as we move forward.

The organist search team has been working hard in interviewing possible candidates. The candidates are being narrowed down as auditions are underway. Please keep them in your prayers as they search for an organist to play our historic organ.

As we live into these changes, please free to express your thoughts and questions to the pastors or any of the elders. We know that communication is the utmost importance when change is in the air, so do not hesitate to share. Our ears are open.

Blessings, pastor Theresa.


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