July 2 – Day 1 John in Palestine/Israel

These blogs will be kept brief to hold your interest as well as maintain my discipline of being as concise as possible. Please forgive my attempts to over simplify.

It seems like 3 days have piled into today with the jet lag. I had to keep going, no nap, in order to get into the rhythm of the days. Arriving at 3.30 a m to Tel Aviv, I was surprised to see it was teaming with folks going all points early. Here is the view of the ancient crusader wall from the Scots Guest House in Jerusalem, where I’m staying for 2 nights before heading for Beit Sahour.


As the ancient section of Jerusalem is very tight and small with lanes of homes and schools, shopping area’s, historic sites, I easily saw a lot in about 5 miles trying to stay awake in the 90’ heat, navigating the pilgrim crowds.


To the unsuspecting non-Christian, it may appear we worship a dead Jesus and the sites that once held or knew him, as opposed to honoring the site within each of us that holds him alive in us, enough to transform the world.


Just above the Church of the holy sepulchre, on a building next door and un-noticed by tourists are the Jewish Israeli settlers who take over Palestinian parts of Jerusalem by squatting on their roofs, putting up barbed wire and hoping to wait it out, making a claim to the Government so that eventually all of that building will become theirs.


I just heard tonight of what seems to be a revenge murder of a Palestinian youth in Jerusalem as possible pay back for the murder of three settler youths discovered earlier this week.


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