July 10 day 9 in Palestine / Israel

I walked this morning to the way in to Bethlehem. The only thing which has changed about the wall, or as Israel calls it a “security fence”, since it was placed around Bethlehem in 2004, is the graffiti. It has engaged artists, protesters, church and human rights visitors’ comments, as well as educational opportunities of expression.


Claire, Jonny, and children, who happen to be Christians, are as you see, surrounded on three sides. Of course their gift shop business suffers, and the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) have cameras peering into their master bath, occupy their upstairs if they do not have guests and forbid them to be up on their roof. They were interviewed on 60 minutes, and because they told their story, there have been death threats against them, they believe, from the Israeli government. If they leave the home empty, Israel will confiscate it. “We are slowly being killed,” Claire told me. They are truth and courage incarnate!


I will let the wall provide the rest of the narrative.










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