July 22 day 21 in Palestine Israel

Since there is only one beer made in the Middle East, I had to find the source. To some perhaps it is a holy pilgrimage. It is in the village of Taybeh, a town that claims to be the only entirely Christian town in Palestine.

20140722-223958-81598526.jpgIt was known in Jesus time as Ephraim, where he, with his disciples rested on his final journey to Jerusalem. He probably had wine, but who knows, beer had been around a long time. Here is the remains the 4th C church in honor of their stop and its baptismal font.


20140722-224120-81680486.jpgThis beer however started in 1994, and has been a huge success. The owner, another American Palestinian, returned to make a high-end brew. Again the challenge is that they are in area C in which they cannot resource their own water and depend upon the Israeli-given allotment of 2 days a week to fill their water tanks. Like California, the winter provided little rain/snow, so conditions are even worse.

20140722-224207-81727318.jpgThey also work cooperatively with farmers on other products; wine, soap, grains and spices. Although they have received international accolades, the Israeli government discourages economic growth and export from Palestine.

I returned south to Beit Sahour by car. Here are a few things I saw on my way back: this, the highest mountain in the center of Israel/Palestine upon which the Israeli’s monitor all of Palestine with electronic surveillance.

20140722-224319-81799599.jpgWhen a settlement feels threatened by Palestinian trees, because, they say, someone may protect someone shooting, they cut them down.

20140722-224436-81876078.jpgI took numerous wrong turns and ended up at the entrances to outposts and settlements. Some didn’t have guards, which seems to dismiss the whole issue of security.




20140722-224732-82052239.jpgMa’ale Adummim is the largest settlement and is anchor to all Israeli building in east Jerusalem, its north, south entrances and view from the south. Area E1 is just across from it to the northwest, a site that Secretary of State Clinton warned should not be built upon.



20140722-225518-82518550.jpgHere is a view of the Palestinian part of east Jerusalem looking from south to north.

20140722-225703-82623562.jpgAnother brief comment from Taybeh.



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