Nov 9 – Commitment Season kicks off

Dear St. John’s Community:

Fall has arrived! In San Francisco that means enjoying the warm weather, cheering for the Giants, and looking out for elaborate Halloween displays. At St. John’s, we are welcoming back Pastor John from his sabbatical, enjoying the music of our new organist Steve Ketterer, and looking forward to community events such as the Open Studio Art Exhibit benefiting Harvest and hosted by member Matt Burns on November 8-9.

Thank you

We want to thank you for all that you do to support our faith community at St. John’s. Our Kids Program has started back up, supported by Pastor Theresa and all those who have committed to teach. The choir is returning to its full musical glory. Our Harvest program is entering its 13th year, driven by the dedication of St. John’s and community volunteers. We are a member of the Neighborhood Grocery Network of the San Francisco Food Bank, and every Saturday our volunteers serve 150+ households, representing 400+ individuals.
We also deeply appreciate the financial contributions you have made this year to St. John’s. We depend on member giving to fund both our operating budget and projects to enhance and preserve our church environment, including the replacement of our 100 year-old pews and restoration of stained glass windows. Thank you for your generosity. As a reminder and for your convenience, financial gifts can be made through eGive. eGive provides a secure and easy way to make one-time and/or ongoing contributions to St. John’s.

Commitment Season begins in November

Our community thrives through the involvement of our diverse congregation! Our Commitment Season will begin in November and run through January. Especially during this time we encourage you to prayerfully consider all the ways in which you can get involved at St. John’s. There is much information on how to do so on the church’s website, and we encourage you to take a look. Please join us on Commitment Sunday, November 9, as we showcase many of the opportunities to support our church, including the sharing of talents, volunteering and financial giving.
We are striving to make St. John’s a vibrant hub of spirit-filled activity for our congregation and our broader community. We invite you to join us in any way you feel able.
Yours in faith, the St. John’s Commitment Team:
Lisa Bazinet, Elder

Jonathan Howe, Elder

Seth Pfalzer, Elder

Nicholas Anderson, Deacon

Lora Dushanova, Deacon

Matt Reno, Deacon


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