Journey to Bethlehem

th75U3IR3TThousands of Christians from the Middle East and all over the world are making a pilgrimage to Bethlehem in this season of Advent and during Christmastide. Bethlehem, normally a town with much unemployment, empty hotels and restaurants, will be bustling, full of tourists as it was during the time of Jesus’ birth. No one knows for sure, of course, exactly where Jesus was born. However, as tradition, of stories told and passed down tell us, it is the spot where the Church of the Nativity sits, 1st built in the 4th century, on a humble, quite un-royal spot. At it’s base is a cave. Caves have always been accessible places of protection for family and animals, practical, and pre-built by nature. If you’d like to virtually visit the church, here is a site to guide you. From the small exterior entrance which prohibited horsemen invaders, into the expansive sanctuary, graffiti etched by crusaders, down a few side steps to the grotto and cave. It speaks of a simple splendor that briefly housed the eternal-God-presence, as extra-ordinary today as it must have been to the first visitors on a starry, starry night.


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