Leader Nominations

Would you like to nominate yourself or another member to be an elder or a team member? You may respond to Jackie Autry at sanfranjackie@comcast.net, nominating chair by May 15.

What is an elder and what does an elder do?

Elders communicate the outreach and vision of St. John’s to the congregation. Together with the pastors, they encourage the people in worship and service to God, equip and renew them for their tasks within the church and for their mission in the world. Elders focus on the big picture direction for the congregation.

Task – Oversee budget, finances, and investments; stewards of the church building and assets; communicator and executor of vision; connectors to the wider church body

What does a team member do?

Team members can serve on any of the three teams: Compassion, Commitment, and Community. Team members plan and brainstorm ways for the congregation to get involved in the respective area. Team members also help greet on the month that their team is assigned.

COMMITMENT is connecting all to one’s faith. Our commitment to God, the church, and each other is a sign of our spiritual maturity in our faith. We are all connected to a common call as children of God. We commit to that call as our response to God’s love and our desire to share God’s compassion. Past projects have been New Members’ gatherings, stewardship of tithes and gifts, and finding ways for people to get involved at St. John’s.

COMMUNITY is connecting each to one another. God calls us to be in community. As a community of faith, we are connected to each other in faith, love, and hope. Being in community involves inviting others to be a part of our church family by supporting and empowering one another to use our God-given gifts. Past projects have been potlucks, picnics, and outings like the Giants game.

COMPASSION is connecting all to service. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are connected to our community and world. Outreach is both inviting the “least of these” into our family and going out into the world in service. Past projects have been Harvest, mission and outreach opportunities, and social justice awareness.


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