The Pews Are Coming

Right now, the wood for our new pews are being cut, shaped, and manufactured over in London. They are scheduled to be shipped this summer. Luke Hughes & Co. specializes in designing pews that balance the beautiful historicity of the sanctuary with the current needs of ministry. Some of their clients have included the Westminster Abbey and the reburial of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral.

Below are some pictures of the pews in the historic churches of St Mary’s Church, Ealing (SW London) and Chichester Cathedral (on the South Coast). St. Mary’s Church is listed on their site to be nearly a thousand years old. In 2002, the church underwent a major renovation. Replacing the pews was included in that renovation.

658_09_um_ec_aa_xh_yc_lz_cgChichester Cathedral was built in 1108. Here are the pews in two different formations.

660_18_cl_cg 660_02_cl_cg



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